All grades Family Classes

Unite your family via Martial Arts. You will not regret joining together and get great discounts too.New Beginner classes run every week with many families training together. 

Please call before attending

Structured Classes

Get a kick start out of life. We operate three early classes, with a number of kids, teens and parents taking these classes as well, Beginner classes starting now.

Please call before attending

Advanced Training

To ensure our members become the best they can, we make sure we hold squad training monthly to assist them. On top of this we also hold seminars and technical training sessions six monthly.

Our Classes

Feel free to just turn up to any class and join in

Simply bring a bottle of water and ware loose clothing.

Monday & Thursdays – 4.30pm

6 to 15’s class  

Instructors: Master Snow VII Degree

Cadets: Miss Smith II Degree

  • Mondays & Thursdays
  • Times: 4.30pm Beginners to 7th Kup

Address: London Colney Community Centre, Caledon Road, London Colney, Herts, AL2 1PU

Recruiting Now

Recruiting Now

Monday & Wednesdays – 7pm

Family classes, all ages (no under 10’s without parents)

Instructor: Master Snow, VII Degree

Instructors: Mr. P Marsh III Degree, Mr. E Webb I Degree, Cadet Mr. B Webb II Degree

  • Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Times: 7pm

Address: Samuel Ryder Academy, Drakes Drive, St.Albans, Herts. AL1 5AR

Tuesdays – 4.30pm

5 to 10’s class (please choose other classes for over 10’s)

Instructor: Master Snow VII Degree

Cadets: Miss Smith 2nd Degree & Miss Birch I Degree 

  • Tuesdays
  • Times: 4.30pm, all grades

Address: Old Verulamium Rugby Club, Cotlandswick, North Orbital Rd, St Albans, AL2 1DW

Recruiting Now

Our training process means that juniors from 5 to 10 years old can train in safe environments and gain real confidence and self esteam. Once the child has reached the age of 11 we encourage them to move over to our 11’s to 13’s classes. On reaching 13 we encourage them to move to the family classes which have more 13’s to adults in.


Interested in our clubs?

ST ALBANS LOGOContact us now and we will give you two weeks of FREE classes. Our clubs are community based clubs, so when you train under us you become part of a very successful family. From day one you will see we are more then a club. We are a group that works hard and get results. If you want to be part of a great team contact us and take the offer.


St Albans Contact

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