Medalist Of St Albans

St Albans Medal Winners

On Sunday 19th March, 31 students from the host club St. Albans TaeKwonDo took part in what many now say are the biggest and best real open championships. More importantly, many long time serving members and their families give up their time to help Master Snow set up the arena and even run the event. As the hosting school, those of us that know Master Snow and his family know they leave no stone unturned and put so much energy into them to make them the best they can be. This years event attracted 44 groups and 400 competitors, yet the home school still took 5 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 6 bronze medals and bronze medal in Junior Team event. Our club senior team also narrowly missed out on a bronze team medal.

Two of our Black Belt members who have competed up to 4 times a year over the last six years achieved their long term dream by taking golds in sparring, proving never giving up will get great results in the end.

Master Snow said ‘I am so proud of all my members, as they done amazing – we ranked in at number 6 out of 44’

Medal winners are:

  • Jordan Smith, 2nd Dan – Gold in Sparring
  • Skye Major, 2nd Dan – Bronze in Sparring and Silver in Patterns
  • Benjamin Marks, 1st Dan – Gold in Sparring
  • Chloe Smith, 1st Dan – Sparring in Bronze and Best Umpire
  • Catriona Condon, 1st Dan – Bronze in Sparring
  • Lauren Cowcher, 1st Kup – Bronze in Sparring
  • Skye Rahho, 1st Kup – Bronze in Team Patterns
  • Megan Ypey, 1st Kup – Bronze in Team Patterns
  • Miroslaw Lisowski, 2nd Kup – Gold in Sparring
  • Daniel Pitt, 3rd Kup – Bronze in Team Patterns
  • Liam Ahearne, 5th Kup – Gold in Sparring, Bronze in Patterns and Bronze in Team Patterns
  • Ciara Ahearne, 5th Kup – Bronze in Team Patterns
  • Aidan Hou, 5th Kup – Silver in Sparring
  • Kay Hansard, 7th Kup – Silver in Sparring
  • Marsel Gulia, 9th Kup – Bronze in Sparring

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