More Champions at St Albans TKD

Once again, St. Albans Taekwondo members have exceeded themselves at the XV South East Opens. Parents and members came to set up the arena the night before as we got ready to host the biggest and best event in the U.K. – thank you all. 24 students took part in this event that attracted 425 competitors this time. The following is the results we got –

  1. Jordan Smith, 2nd Dan – Gold in special technique
  2. Skye Major, 2nd Dan – Silver in sparring
  3. Benjamin Marks, 1st Dan – Gold in sparring
  4. Chloe Smith, 1st Dan – Gold in sparring
  5. Megan Ypey, 1st Dan – Bronze in sparring
  6. Ethan Webb, 1st Kup – Bronze in sparring
  7. Luke O’Donovan, 4th Kup – Bronze in patterns
  8. Amelie Birch, 4th Kup – Bronze in sparring
  9. Marsel Gulia, 6th Kup – Silver in sparring
  10. Bonnie Nash, 6th Kup – Gold in patterns, Bronze in sparring
  11. Otman Jamar, 6th Kup – Bronze in sparring
  12. Charlie Ypey, 7th Kup – Silver in sparring
  13. Luke Dunton, 9th Kup – Bronze in sparring
  14. Nigel Pitt, 9th Kup – Bronze in sparring

We congratulate you all – even if you did not get a medal, you are all winners in our eyes. We are proud of you all – well done! Master Snow & Coaching Team