England Open I.T.F. Union Seminar 2016

What an amazing day had by all! On Sunday 30th October, over 50 Black Belts (including 8 Masters of TaeKwonDo) and many colour belts gathered at the St. Albans TaeKwonDo school, run by host Instructor Master Snow. The seminar was conducted by Master Don Dalton, I.T.F. Union President.

In the morning, the England group leaders had a meeting to discuss moving forward in 2017 and, boy, have we got big plans. At 11am, all attendees were on the floor and Master Dalton took the class through some very impressive warm up and stretching routines. Next, the group were put through some very revolutionary sprarring drills. Sweaty and extremely tired, the group then broke off and were taken through pattern training for about 60 minutes.

This really did open some eyes as many thought Master Dalton was just a sparring man, but this was soon defused as the Master proved he has amazing knowledge of pattern training and his enthusiasm soon rubbed off on all attendees. He explained his love has always been for patterns, but sparring is his forte.

Later on in the afternoon, we moved on to advance techniques. The day ended with Master Dalton explaining to the group that we will no longer accept a dictatorship from our leaders – groups must feel free to associate with all groups worldwide. In fact, they are encouraged to train with all I.T.F.’s in the name of unity. He explained certification and services are lower to allow groups to flourish locally, but no group should undersell certification as Black Belt fees remain the same.

He explained further that groups who reside in the I.T.F. Union must be civil and treat each other with the utmost respect. He stated we must open our doors to all, but a new verification committee is to be set up to ensure all who join I.T.F. Union have legitimate grades and timescales have been observed. He stated we must all lead by example, as it is time to fall back in love with TaeKwonDo and leave the negativity at the door. The atmosphere was amazing as everyone left the hall tired but really pleased by what had happened over the day.

We had two amazing exponents join us from Poland too – Mr. Piotr Bernat and Grzegorz Sokolowski.

Masters in attendance:

Master Dalton VIII Seminar Conductor

Master Deedegan VIII, Master Bertand VII, Master Beenland VII, Master Iqbal VII, Master Watkins, Master Ford VII, Master Snow VII

All in all a great day was had by all and, yes, we plan to get another seminar arranged for 2017. On behalf of the England side, we thank Master Dalton for taking the time out to come to England and conduct this amazing seminar and lay out the ethos of the I.T.F. Union so all are working with the same goals.

Report by Master Snow VII


October: The 2016 English TaeKwonDo Opens was a real success. Master Snow was awarded 7th Dan by four masters and many medals were won by the clubs students. Dementia U.K. received over £2200 from the L.T.S.I. We have had many messages of thanks as our clubs not only host the two tournaments which are now the biggest in the U.K., but our students also set them up. Master Snow said he is so proud of all the members, not only for taking part and helping set up the events, but for their willingness to be a real team. Well done everyone, you are amazing