At the VII English TaeKwonDo Opens our members truly produced the goods winning a massive amount of medals. However we are proud of all of you even if you did not win a spoil. When we enter events it’s about being a team and your coaching team and Master Snow could not be any prouder.

Well done all –

Winners are

Black Belts – Adam Marks bronze sparring – Benjamin Marks silver sparring – Chloe Smith bronze sparring + silver patterns – Lilly Harkness gold sparring – Sky Major gold sparring + silver patterns – Mathew Stephens sparring silver – Charlie Labof bronze sparring – Megan Wypey bronze sparring.

Color Belts – Bonnie Nash silver sparring – Luke Dunton bronze sparring – Mark Durham silver sparring + bronze patterns

Our Junior team also took bronze in the team pattern challenge.


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