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Beginner Martial Arts classes

Learn TaeKwonDo the Korean Martial Arts, You will not regret taking a FREE trial or joining up with us. You will get great discounts too. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Structured classes

We run children only classes three days a week. Our kids Martial Arts classes start at 4.30pm, with children starting as young as 6 years old. Call now to book a place.


Reasons to start TaeKwonDo

We have operated Korean  Martial Arts classes since 1994. We have five classes a week running, conducted by three time Hall of Fame inductee Master Snow. Thousands of students state his teaching practices are second to none. Find out why so many say his classes are fun and ideal for those willing to put in the work to get results.



The Head Instructor is Mr. Snow, 7th Degree I.T.F Union Registered
Examiner and International Referee.

Chris has been training since 1986: He has produced world, European and National Medal winners. He is a qualified web designer as well as a semi professional DJ.

D.O.B: 05/04/73

Height 6.3 inches.

TaeKwonDo Qualifications: Certified ITF Examiner, Certified Referee. Media Manager of the International TaeKwonDo Federation Union since 2015.

The coaching Team for 2022 (candidates serve for 12 months)

Name Session Grade / Possition
Mr.D. Pitt Mondays 4.30pm 1st Dan Cadet
Mr. B. Webb Mondays 4.30pm 2nd Dan Cadet
Miss. A. Birch Tuesdays 4.30pm 1st Dan Cadet
Miss. C. Smith Thursdays 4.30pm 2nd Dan  Senior Cadet
Mr. E. Webb Mondays & Wednesdays 6.30pm 1st Dan Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructors –

Name Session Grade / Possition
Mr.P. Marsh Mond & Weds 6.30pm 3rd Dan Senior Assistant Instructor
Mr. E Webb Mond & Weds 6.30pm 1st Dan Assistant Instructor

6 to 11’s only classes:

We operate three under 13’s classes that teach Junior TaeKwonDo and helps our youngest
members gain confidence, respect and self discipline – it also teaches many life skills and interaction games, as well as learning the Martial Art. These classes are run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4.30pm in London Colney by our Senior Instructor Chris – he is also assisted by a number of his Black Belts as above.

Family Classes:

Our family classes are for all ages and are also taught by Chris – these are run at 6.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. We have many families that entrust us to teach them TaeKwonDo and will vouch that what we teach really helps families bond. We also have many members that come alone and make new friends at the clubs so, don’t be shy, pop along and try a lesson. All members are equal regardless of age, sex or religion.

This site offers basic information of what to do when looking to take up TaeKwonDo under us. To take advantage of our two FREE lessons, fill in the form on the left of this page – once we respond, turn up and join in. You can call us on 07960 476124 to get any further answers you may need.

We advise you to bring a drink, wear loose clothing, turn up and join in! At St. Albans TaeKwonDo, you only pay one monthly fee 12 times a year and this gives you unlimited training all month.Check out our locations page now

Members: We ask that you all check the clubs NEW pages weekly to stay informed on what’s happening at the clubs and across the L.T.S.I.

We look forward to welcoming you to our schools soon

Master Snow VII & Coaching Team

Interested in our clubs?

ST ALBANS LOGOContact us now and we will give you two weeks of FREE classes. Our clubs are community based clubs, so when you train under us you become part of a very successful family. From day one you will see we are more then a club. We are a group that works hard and get results. If you want to be part of a great team contact us and take the offer.