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St Albans TaeKwonDo


"Always putting progression first before profits"


St Albans TKD 2024 Offer

Beginner Martial Arts

St Albans Taekwon-do established in 1994. Train at one of the areas longest ran, award winning Martial Arts clubs. Our ethos is simple, happy students makes hard working successful students. Take a FREE trial today and see why so many locals say we should be first choice.

Kids Martial Arts 

We run children only classes three days a week and two family ran classes. Our kids Martial Arts classes start at 4.30pm, with children starting as young as 6 years old, Our family classes start at 7pm and are ran for family members upto 70 years young. Call now and book a place before places are gone.

Amazing value always

  1. Teaching for passion, Not for financial gain.
  2. Lowest fee tariff in the area guaranteed
  3. Training aids provided at all clubs
  4. Fully qualified & Insured Instructors
  5. Happy students means successful students
  6. Traditional values taught always
  7. Following the 1999 ITF Encylopedia

Learn TaeKwonDo Korean Martial Arts

St Albans TaeKwonDo was opened in 1994 and is now known as one of the county’s top martial arts groups. We are a multi-award-winning club that offers all new recruits a two-week free trial under no obligation. Taking up this offer could be the best move you ever make for yourself, your child, and your family.

We limit our classes, so once a class is full, we will not take on more members. Our policy is first come, first served. So call today and see if we have space in the class you are interested in. (Like any club, students are always leaving, so get in touch and see if there is a place for you.)

We take on students from 6 to 66 years old, and, what’s more, all students are insured and taught by qualified instructors who are passionate about the art as well as us winning many local sports awards.

Join a group of clubs that always invest in traditional values. We operate a no-ego, no-bullying policy; this means all students must be humble, respectful, and help each other, as, at our clubs, there is no ideology. We respect all faiths, and everyone is treated equally. If students grow egotistical or bully, they are warned, and if they do not change their ways, they are removed indefinitely, as we always protect our members and the clubs. 

What makes our classes first choice?

We offer the best value in the area, as all our classes are 60 to 90 minutes long, and we offer amazing family discounts too. We charge just £30 per calendar month, and you can take unlimited classes for that same price. We are not businesses; we are a sports club and one that cares about the art and cares about all our members.

For over three decades, we have been delivering high-tempo classes in St. Albans and London Colney. We are proud that many of our members have achieved a lot and have become highly respected members of local communities. Master Snow is the head coach and has been inducted into three Hall of Fames in 2019, 2020, and 2022.

Trusted and proven TaeKwonDo Clubs

The Key to Longevity and Success in Martial Arts For anyone considering joining a martial arts club, it is important to choose one that has a proven track record of success and a reputation built on trust. With so many clubs popping up and closing down in a short period of time, it can be challenging to find one that offers longevity and substance. However, our club stands out above the rest – the martial arts clubs in St. Albans. With a history spanning over 30 years and producing over 160 Black Belts, our club has solidified its position as the go-to place for martial arts training. But what sets us apart from the rest? The answer lies in our focus on being a trusted and proven establishment.

The clubs proudly boasts a long list of world, European, and national champions, a testament to their successful training methods and techniques. This impressive list of champions is a clear indication of the club’s commitment to excellence and our ability to produce top-quality martial artists. It is not an easy feat to achieve such results, and it takes a combination of hard work, dedication, and trust to reach this level of success.

Why us?

The club’s roster of instructors is another key factor in their success and credibility. All of their instructors are locals from St. Albans, and they genuinely love teaching martial arts. This passion for their craft is evident in their teaching, and it translates into the growth and development of their students. Each instructor has the members’ development as their top priority, and they work tirelessly to help them achieve their goals. The club’s success is not driven by money, but by their dedication to their craft and their students. Unlike other clubs that focus solely on profit, this establishment prioritizes hard work and commitment above all else.

This mindset has allowed us to establish ourselves as a club of the highest regard in the city today. Our emphasis on quality over quantity sets us apart from other clubs and has helped us earn the trust and respect of our members. In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a martial arts club, trust and proven results should be at the top of your list. With over 30 years of experience, 160 Black Belts produced, and a roster of world-class champions, the clubs in St. Albans are the epitome of a trusted and proven establishment. Our focus on longevity, substance, and commitment to their members’ development is what has made us one of the most reputable martial arts clubs in the city today. So why settle for anything less when you can be a part of this trusted and proven group of martial artists?


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St Albans Tae Kwon Do
Based on 34 reviews
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Reena KananiReena Kanani
09:00 07 Jun 24
I have a 13 and 9 year old who both enjoy this class every Monday. Master Snow's training has really helped with their fitness, they love practicing their moves with the music in the background and they are always motivated to progress through their gradings!
Susana CSusana C
10:07 03 Jun 24
Both my kids love the classes with Master Snow and his team. Everyone is super friendly, like a family. Thank you!!!
Gr FaGr Fa
20:23 08 Feb 24
My daughter absolutely loves attending lessons and from being an absolute beginner she has developed so quickly. Wonderful club.
Rasime MehmetRasime Mehmet
20:06 22 Oct 23
Both my two children enjoy the classes with Master Snow and his team. Thank you so much for all that you do
Dillon WongDillon Wong
17:22 05 Sep 23
Master Snow is great and our kids really enjoy the classes!
Angela SwinsonAngela Swinson
20:38 04 Sep 23
My son really enjoys going to the classes. He has progressed well & the teachers are excellent! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Nuno MarioNuno Mario
11:19 07 Jul 23
Chris is an excellent trainer, my son is so happy to attend your classes every time. I definitely recommend Master Chris!
Ru HouseagoRu Houseago
14:57 12 Jun 23
It's a great Tae Kwon Do class, my Boys love it! I would highly recommend it.
Aleks MazaevAleks Mazaev
10:17 22 May 23
Excellent club. Highly recommend.
Maz BibiiMaz Bibii
18:41 13 Feb 23
My daughter really enjoys the club, has definitely improved her self confidence. Excellent and professional teacher.
Judy WongJudy Wong
11:55 21 Sep 22
Excellent TaeKwonDo Club. My son enjoy every minute in it.
Sarah GillSarah Gill
20:13 06 Sep 22
Our daughter has been very happy at Master Snow's school, it has given her confidence and new skills. Master Snow is an excellent teacher who is firm and and fair and gives a sense of discipline and order that supports their learning of the martial art. I would thoroughly recommend
Hassan SajjadHassan Sajjad
22:33 20 Jun 22
It is great!!! The instructor knows tae kwon do very very well, and the self defense is spot on.
Lyith MereshLyith Meresh
17:07 20 Jun 22
Very confident and professional teaching. My sister enjoys this very much, a fun way to learn Taekwondo.
Diana MesmarDiana Mesmar
22:12 03 Feb 22
Excellent and professional club.
Highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn Taekwondo .
Brunda BhatBrunda Bhat
17:11 02 Feb 22
Excellent and professional family run club. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn Taekwondo .
Ibrahem HasanIbrahem Hasan
18:56 28 Jan 22
Kid’s love it , good club
Wael AbusunbolWael Abusunbol
21:22 25 Jan 22
it is wonderful I like it so much master snow is very friendly loving ❤️ it
Paul BeatonPaul Beaton
20:25 25 Jan 22
a well run, family friendly club. My son is really enjoying it and I'd recommend to others
Jakia KhaliqueJakia Khalique
18:24 24 Jan 22
Wonderful club and my son Abubakar really enjoys his weekly sessions! Would definitely recommend this club to others
Ahmed MasryAhmed Masry
14:25 21 Jan 22
it's not only place to do martial arts it's place you can feel your self great team and amazing teacher master snow
I wish to be every day with
Joanna PearceJoanna Pearce
23:18 20 Jan 22
My son enjoys the weekly sessions and has improved greatly since recently joining the club. Master Snow is an excellent trainer and I would highly recommend anyone contemplating taking lessons to come along for the free trial sessions.
Helen GidlowHelen Gidlow
13:48 19 Jan 22
My son joined St Albans Tae Kwon Do about 6 months ago. He loves going to every class - no more dragging him off screen!!!😀
Ken WongKen Wong
13:48 18 Jan 22
Wonderful club, well organized and balanced. My son enjoy every minute in class 🥳🥳
Emma EllisEmma Ellis
16:42 21 Sep 21
My son loves this sessions. He has really taken in Master Snows ethos and loves to attend class and always wants to practice at home. Highly recommend master snows classes.
Lisa ChongLisa Chong
18:02 11 Sep 21
Excellent club and my son Tyler love learning Tae Kwon Do there and he talks a lot about the ethos of Master Chris. I feel that he really proud to be one of the students there. I will highly recommend this club to anyone who is interested to learn Tae Kwon Do!
Nicola AngiusNicola Angius
21:56 15 Mar 19
It is only 2 moths we joined Master Snow Taekwondo school and we already feel part of a family. High standards training in a super friendly environment! 👊
Alfio DeplanoAlfio Deplano
21:21 15 Mar 19
everything from the master to the people
and the location.
Nikki DuntonNikki Dunton
13:44 03 Sep 18
Great atmosphere, friendly and very welcoming, my son has come a long way since joining and loves every minute he is in class.
Would recommend to everyone.
Laura HewetsonLaura Hewetson
18:29 23 Aug 18
My son has learnt a lot since coming here with thanks to Mr Snow a great instructor and would recommend this club to anyone who is interested in this sport
Daniel BirchDaniel Birch
10:46 23 Aug 18
best tae kwondo school. my daughter loves it and have also started my self. can't thank Master Snow enough for what he does. he goes above and beyond to teach tae kwondo.
Tony MajorTony Major
10:45 23 Aug 18
Most fun in a white suit ever....
Abbi BoningtonAbbi Bonington
10:37 23 Aug 18
This is a lovely club. They take their sport seriously and instill a good sense of discipline but at the same time, are supportive in helping all ages to make progress and develop.
Istvan GubikIstvan Gubik
10:15 23 Aug 18
It helps people to get fit and teaches people how to defend themselves.

Q & A’s

I heard a bad comment about your clubs

We have been open 30 years – some will love us, some will hate us. Every club / school will have good and bad comments written about them, even reviews that are unfair and not needed.

Look at it like this – some love Sainsbury’s and shop there weekly, some don’t like it so much. At St Albans Tae Kwon-Do, we don’t bad mouth other clubs or styles. We simply deliver clubs that suit the majority and enjoy what we do best.

Negativity is not needed and we want no part of it – positivity is how we live always.

How do I sign up?

Click on St Albans Administration and go to membership application form. Follow instructions on form fill in and submit and your done.

When will I get my beginner pack?

We hold all sizes of uniforms, so we should have it at the next class. License, insurance and syllabus should be with you in the next few weeks.

How do I pay monthly subs?

You will get a welcome letter with all the information on this but, in general, all fees are paid by BACS.

How does paying subs work?

You pay 12 times a year for once a week, but tuition is unlimited. Even if you go on holiday or miss classes, members still pay, as you are paying to keep your space at the clubs.

How do I apply for gradings?

Click on ‘St Albans TKD Administration’ and fill in the ‘Exam Request’ tab.

How do I purchase sparring equipment?

Click on ‘St Albans TKD Administration’ and fill in ‘Sparring Equipment Order’.

What if I am going on holiday?

Click on ‘St Albans TKD Administration’ and fill in ‘Absence Notice’. Always let us know as, if you just miss a few weeks classes, we will sell your space on if you haven’t. 

What if I am absent from class?

Click on ‘St Albans TKD Administration’ and click on ‘Absence Notice’. There are no refunds, but all students should notify us when absent.

What if I am leaving?

Click on ‘St Albans TKD Administration’ and click on ‘Leaving Notice’. Don’t burn bridges, simply fill in the leaving notice and you will always be welcome back.

All administration items can be found here

Click on ‘St Albans TKD Administration’ to find application forms, courses, equipment and much more.


Latest news


Stay informed and keep an eye on weekly, the latest news means you have the latest gossip.

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Expert Instruction

A true TaeKwonDo Master at heart

Master Chris Snow is a 8th Degree Black Belt, ITF TaeKwon-Do certified examiner and International referee with nearly 40 years in the art. Chris has taught many local instructors who now run clubs themselves but are following a different paths.

He has achieved many accolades over the years in regards to teaching, including citation from the World TaeKwonDo Federation for his work. He is the primary Instructor of our clubs and has been since April 1994.

Winner of many accolades

He started his TaeKwonDo training in 1986 and moved up the ranks, eventually winning many accolades at National level, but he says his main achievements started when he opened our clubs. In 2019 he was inducted into a hall of fame as one of the best Masters of last the last decade.

Host of the biggest UK events

St Albans TaeKwonDo are renowned for operating the biggest and best open championships in the U.K. which donate thousands to worthy charities each year. Those that know our coach know he is about quality first and foremost and professionalism a close second. He always says “My payment for teaching is seeing my students succeed in the art and in life”, which is why many state he has had so much success over the years. 

Interested in our clubs?

ST ALBANS LOGO“Begin Your Martial Arts Journey Today and Experience the Benefits of Improved Focus, Balance, Fitness and Confidence - Try Us Risk-Free with Our Two Weeks Free Trial.”





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